GAPPO Grifos de la Ducha de negro montado en la pared de la lluvia cuarto de baño ducha oculta grifería monomando baño ducha de lluvia set de baño grifo grifos

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Etiquetas: conjunto de ducha, gappo mezclador, cabeza de ducha, grifo, monobloque de baño, mezclador de la ducha, conjunto de ducha, ducha, mezclador de ducha, azulejo, gappo sistema de ducha, para baño y sauna.

    €179.94 €359.88
  • Tratamiento De Superficie: espartería
  • Tipo de: Soporte Fijo Tipo
  • Característica: En frío y en Caliente
  • Número De Modelo: Y23706
  • El Acabado De La Superficie: Latón
  • baño con ducha: Conjunto de ducha
  • Tamaño: >400mm
  • Del Núcleo De La Válvula Material: Cerámica
  • Nombre De La Marca: Gappo
  • Número de Manijas: Doble Asa
  • Agua Fría/Caliente Tipo De Control: Soporte Doble De Doble Control
  • Estilo: Contemporáneo
  • la ducha del baño: set de baño

"The goods did not come, ordered 11.06, did not track, wrote to the seller in November, because. The order should have come a long time ago, I understand that koronovirus, but still 5 months...((what the seller replied that I'm sorry, friend, but the goods were returned to me,... I'm certainly shocked at the level of service. It's good that at least the money was returned, for this I only put 4, otherwise no more than 1. "
Phantom 942020-12-20
"The seller cheater, noted that he sent the order, but in the end, when the week passed, it turned out, .! He did not even write the rules at all, he wrote a month that he would send in a day, three, five, because the factory supply it, eventually wrote that removed from production, And information on the site-in the presence of a website error. It's good to have the money back. Very disappointed!!!"

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